Expert Guest Club

The Expert Guest Club is an opportunity for experts in their niche to learn how to grow their visibility and get more leads as podcast guests.


Membership includes one training each month where we dig deep into an aspect of the why and how of being an expert podcast guest. Included in the membership is a bonus networking call each month for members together for Q & A with the founder of Your Expert Guest, Julie Fry.


The Expert Guest Club is for:


  • Experts that KNOW podcasts will grow their visibility and client base, but outreach keeps falling off your priority list


  • You need dedicated time to work on your interview topics and outreach


  • If you benefit from giving and receiving help from like minded professionals and enjoy sharing resources in your network


In the Expert Guest Club you will be shown how to:

  • Create interview topics that are appealing to podcast hosts


  • Find perfect fit shows to reach your target audience


  • Strategically reach out to podcast hosts to ensure the highest likelihood of getting a YES


  • Generate leads from your podcast appearances


  • Monetize your podcast interviews



There will be time in each session for a Podcast Guest Call where I share podcasts and contact information for podcasts that are looking for guests like you!

Expert Guest Club Format:


Each month you will receive:


  • 60 minute training call that will help you with the how and why of being a podcast guest. These calls will also provide time for implementation and to ask for feedback from others.


  • 60 minute Q & A call with Julie Fry, founder of Your Expert Guest. This is a great place to connect with the other members, network and get feedback.

To celebrate the launch of The Expert Guest Club, the price for the first 15 members is only $29 per month.  As a founder member, you’ll lock in this price forever! 


Regular price is $59/month


Cancel at any time.


Join today and participate in our November calls!

2020 Call Schedule:


Tuesday 11/10 @ 10 AM


Monday 11/23 @ 10 AM


Dec 1 @ 10 AM


Dec 17th @ 10 AM

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