How To Get Booked On Podcasts

How to get booked on podcasts

Do you want to be a guest on podcasts?

Podcast guesting is an easy way to get visibility for your business without spending hours on social media. Here’s how it works:

  • You pre record an episode with the host
  • The episode is published (they are often 30-45 minutes in length)
  • People listen to the episode which can be found on all the major podcast platforms and on the podcast hosts website (hello SEO!)
  • Your target audience discovers you, you get invited onto more podcasts, and you make millions of dollars (OK that last one is embellished, but many of our clients are generating sales from their interviews)

The most time consuming part of the process is finding podcasts that would be a good fit for you.

This post will give you 11 resources for finding podcasts. Let’s dig in!

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1) Your Network

The people in your network are often the best way to start finding shows. Within your contacts, you likely have a podcaster that has the perfect show to do a guest interview. Do a brain dump of everyone you know that has a podcast and let them know you’re looking for shows to share your expertise (ideally how you can help a certain audience with a pain point). 

2) Your Clients’ Industries/Demographics

Looking at your customers’ industries or demographics can uncover some ideas of podcasts where you’d be a great guest. For example, one of our clients is a parenting coach and most of her clients are successful working moms. Great places to seek shows for her are podcasts for lawyer moms, doctor moms, tech moms…you get the idea.

3) Competitors

Take a minute to google your competition or use one of the podcast discovery databases listed below and see what podcasts they have appeared on. As long as you can provide a different and unique viewpoint on the topic, these shows would be ideal to approach.

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4) Podcast Discovery Databases

There are websites like ListenNotes and Chartable that make it easy to search by keyword, guest, or podcast name. Owltail will pull up all the podcasts a specific person has been on. Ivy allows you to follow specific guests, topics or tags.

5) Podcast Lists

This can be a real-time saver if you are looking to build a pitch list for yourself. If you do a bit of research, there are free and paid lists of podcasts that take guests. We offer a free list of 50 entrepreneur-focused podcasts that accept guests as well as a bespoke option called Your Custom Pitch List in which our team creates a custom list, built specifically for you, along with contact information that includes pitching instructions.

6) Hashtags/Social Media

Search specific hashtags on Instagram like #leadershippodcasts #femaleentrepreneurpodcasts #personalfinancepodcasts to find social media posts that may lead to you discovering the perfect podcast in your niche. You can also search Twitter for “seeking podcast guest” to uncover shows looking for guests. Many podcasters include “podcast host” in their LinkedIn profile, so searching for the specific type of podcast and the word host may also uncover some great suggestions.

7) Podcasting Platforms

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and so many others have charts and you can search by guest, keyword, topic to find ideal shows. Apple Podcasts also has a nifty resource called You Might Also Like. Once you find a good fit show, scroll down to the bottom to see other podcasts that listeners also subscribe to.

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8) Facebook Groups

There are a number of Facebook Groups that are online communities for paid Podcast Matching Services (see #8) but can be a good place to find shows. Here are a few that I would recommend: Podcast Guest Collaboration Podmatch Need A Guest.

9) Podcast Matchmaking Services

Since the podcast industry has exploded over the last few years, the need for guests and services that make it easy for hosts and guests to connect have also increased. These are the companies that I recommend:  Podcast Guest

10) Reddit

I accidentally discovered that Reddit has a subreddit for a Podcast/Guest matching. Check it out here. They have a user-friendly format that hosts use to post their request, so you can quickly determine if you would be a fit for the show.

11) Podcast Booking Agencies

If you prefer to outsource the heavy lifting and simply show up (well-prepared) for your podcast interviews, then check out our services at Your Expert Guest. We offer full service podcast guest booking as well as do it yourself options, including a custom podcast list researched specifically for your expertise.

How to get booked on podcasts
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