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We get you heard by your target audience on ideal, top-ranked podcasts.

Who Are We

We are a team of super-connectors, podcast enthusiasts that are passionate about the power of connection that podcasts provide.

Our Mission

We believe in the unique power of podcasts to connect you to the audience that needs to hear your message and provide evergreen visibility for you and your business

What We Do

Industry experts hire Your Expert Guest to get booked on top ranked podcasts. We handle all the details so you can show up prepared for a meaningful conversation that benefits the listeners.

Why Choose Us?

We partner with you to reach your podcasting guest goals, which means we spend a lot of time on the front end identifying your target audience, ideal podcast shows and defining your calls to action

We have booked our clients on over 2000 podcasts in the business, management, entrepreneurship, parenting, spirituality, health and wellness categories. Podcast hosts rave about our service (and some have even hired us after receiving our pitches)

Not everyone may be ready for the Done For Your Podcast Booking Service, so we also provide bespoke podcast pitch lists and a framework for you or your team to DIY your podcast outreach

Relationships are currency: Our business is built on relationships with our network of podcast hosts, our clients, referral partners and the professionals we interact with every day. Our clients benefit from the care and consideration we give to all these relationships.

Meet the Team

Julie Fry, CEO

MY PASSIONS: When I’m not working with my amazing team of guest and host matchmakers, I love spending time with my family, being outside hiking, kayaking or enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, laughing (SNL sketches and Conan O’Brien are two favs) and of course, listening to podcasts.

HOW I MAKE AN IMPACT: I believe we can affect positive change by starting locally. I’m passionate about causes that impact those I spend the most time with: family, friends and community. I am an avid volunteer in our community and strive to increase inclusion, connectedness and fun. (Polar Bear plunge anyone?)

FUN FACT: Despite working in the podcast industry, I’ve never listened to True Crime. While I hate being cold, I’ve done the Polar Bear plunge 19 times.

Janice Lim, Podcast Connector

PODCAST EXPERTISE: Parenting, Spirituality, Mom Entrepreneurs, Female Founders

MY PASSIONS: My family, homeschooling, reading, podcasting (and all things media!), and planning. I can’t keep my life together without a planner!

HOW I MAKE AN IMPACT: I feel I make the most valuable impact on my kids by being an intentional parent and through homeschooling. Because I love sharing about our homeschooling journey on social media, I know I’m also making a positive impact on others especially to newbie or aspiring homeschool parents.

FUN FACT: I cannot live without coffee. I guess that’s how I ended up working for 5 years for nonprofits focused on promoting the local coffee industry prior to freelancing.

Dee-Anna Pippenger, Podcast Connector

PODCAST EXPERTISE: Female Founders, Finance & Money, Careers, Management, Business

MY PASSIONS: I love having my own business so I have the flexibility to go on all kinds of adventures with my 3 and 5-year-old girls especially when it involves bike riding and hiking. I also love finding out how to recreate fancy restaurant foods at home so I can enjoy them at home with comfy clothes on my couch or in front of a fire pit in the few months that’s possible in the winter in Phoenix, Arizona.

HOW I’M MAKING AN IMPACT: Raising incredible, courageous, and emotionally aware girls. But I also love being able to teach workshops to high school students through ASU to first-generation families to equip them with all the tools they need to be college bound. I also get to serve in the preschool ministry at my local church.

FUN FACT: I am fluent in Spanish. I studied abroad in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic in college and I love finding any opportunity I can to use it!

Avi Anderson, Podcast Connector

PODCAST CATEGORIES: Entrepreneurship, Female Founders, Spirituality, Health & Wellness

MY PASSIONS: I love going to the beach with my husband and daughter (we enjoy looking for sea shells), a cup of lavender latte makes my heart happy, and currently growing my collection of indoor plants.

HOW I MAKE AN IMPACT: One of the ways I feel that I’ve made an impact is volunteering in my local community, especially efforts that supports and advocates women and children.

FUN FACT: Foodie here! If I can be a guest on any Netflix show, it would be the show, Street Food because I love to taste authentic dishes from different cultures.

Jen Ames, Executive Assistant

MY PASSIONS: Watching my kids grow into young adults, spending time with family, cooking, anything adventurous that gets me outside, hiking, camping, and more!

HOW I MAKE AN IMPACT: I like to think I’m that person that helps when you see someone struggling whether it’s an elderly neighbor taking groceries upstairs, or a Mom with her hands full with kids in a store and could use an extra hand – I’m that extra hand.

FUN FACT: I am terrified of heights, and roller coasters, but I went skydiving! I would do it all over again.

Shannon Bickford

PODCAST CATEGORIES: Career/HR, Health & Wellness

MY PASSIONS: I mostly love anything as long as it involves family! My husband, son and I love to go camping and explore the NW, and I love traveling to warm climates in the winter time.

HOW I MAKE AN IMPACT: I have a heart for serving people, whether it’s making a meal for someone after the birth of their child, or grocery shopping for someone, or just sitting still and being with grieving people, that is where I find I make the most impact.

FUN FACT: I spent 3 weeks in Romania working at a camp for kids who live in an orphanage. It was such a wonderful learning experience for me and so fun to become part of their culture for a short time. 

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