Your Podcast Playbook

(AKA You’ll have a great interview; we do everything else!)

From the moment you decide to hire Your Expert Guest to get you booked as a guest on the RIGHT podcasts to get heard by the RIGHT audience, we take care of the heavy lifting for you.
Your podcast playbook follows these 7 steps:

We craft your message to position you as an ideal guest for the podcasts that will provide the most impact. Our team does a deep dive on your messaging to prepare and in our onboarding call, we pull together the best topics for you to reach your goals.

Relationships are at the core of our business and we will find shows that allow you to build long-lasting relationships with the host and their audience. We always listen to a podcast before pitching to ensure fit between you and the host.

You’ll show up prepared with everything you need to give a great interview. Hosts trust our guest recommendations because they know they’ll have great audio, so if you don’t have a microphone – we will send one to you. We take care of getting the host all the necessary details for the show notes, too.


During the onboarding process, we recommend the best call to action to reach your visibility goals and ensure that you and the host have the correct information for the show notes.

PROTECT & ENHANCE BRAND REPUTATION (Y)Our relationships are the key to success. We recommend you to the host in such a way that they can see the value you’ll add to their audience. 

Your client portal will keep you abreast of upcoming interviews, topics, live interviews and ALL the details for each podcast interview.

You can get extra mileage from each interview (and get off the content creation hamster wheel). We can create video shorts, IG Reels, Carousels, Blog Posts and Social media posts that share the best part of your interview.

“I’ve been the recipient of Julie’s top notch work. As a podcast host I get pitched often of guest that “should be on my show”. Because of Julie’s thorough attention to detail, noting my demographic, niche and previous guests I’ve had on my show, she is able to send me quality applicants.

Not only are the applicants perfect for Brick+Mortar Visibility, but she makes vetting them so super slick. Everything is clickable and easy to navigate, listen to and find. A dream when it comes to making a final decision for a business owner.

Highly recommend working with Julie as a client if you’re looking to get more visibility!”
– Melissa Rose, Brick and Mortar Visibility

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