Save Hours Of Your Valuable Time

Let our team research the perfect podcasts for you 

(Perfect if you or your team handle podcast pitching)


The key to getting more “heck yeahs” to your podcast pitches is finding the right match between your expertise and the host’s audience.

Here’s the kicker;  finding the right podcasts takes a serious time commitment. If you have other priorities in your business, rather than going down a rabbit hole in Apple Podcasts, I’d love to invite you to check out a resource called Your Custom Pitch List.

This is an affordable way to help you or your team find the right podcasts for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Decide how many podcasts you want on your list (15, 25 or 50)

  • Purchase Your Customer Podcast Pitch List  at Your Expert Guest

  • You’ll be prompted to set up your initial call and complete an intake form about your expertise, ideal client and podcast guesting goals.

  • Within 10 days from our initial call, you’ll receive a complete list that includes:

  1. podcast
  2. host name
  3. website
  4. podcast link
  5. description
  6. estimated listeners
  7. social links + follower count
  8. best of all, the correct email or application link to pitch.
  9. As a bonus, we include Outreach That Gets Results, which walks you through our outreach process for our clients, sample templates and suggested follow up timing
  10. You’ll have another 15 minute call to talk through the list and even review the strategy for working through the list

You’ll be off and running and before you know it, recording your podcast interviews.

List to include:

Podcast Name, Apple Podcasts Link, Website Link, Social Media Channels (if applicable), Host Name, Contact Email and/or application URL.


List to be supplied within 10 business days of completed client intake form*

Bonus: Podcast Outreach that gets results. Includes 3 sample templates and the best practices we use in our agency to book our clients on top-ranked podcasts

Includes (2) meetings. One prior to beginning research and one call to review the final list.

*List of 50 podcasts is supplied within 21 business days of completed client intake.

Researching podcasts is one of the most labor-intensive parts of the pitching process. Let us do the legwork and find the best fit podcasts based on your guesting goals.


15 Podcasts: $500

25 Podcasts: $750

50 Podcasts: $1250

Make your selection below. The button selected will take you to a calendar booking link where you can set up time for your first call and submit payment.

“I was successful in getting on 11 of the 20 podcasts that you recommended to me!” 

– Lesley Pyle,
HireMyMom Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my podcast list?  You will receive the list within 10 business days from receipt of your completed intake form* The package also includes a 15 minute call with our founder, Julie Fry. On this call, she’ll review your podcast guesting goals and clarify the best types of podcasts to help you meet these goals.

Will the podcast list include information on how to pitch? Yes, we will provide the contact name and email address AND provide a link to the application form, if that is how the host likes to be pitched.

What information will I receive with the list?  The list will include: Podcast Name, Website Link, Apple Podcast Link, Host Name, Pitch Email, Application URL (if applicable), Social Media Channels if applicable.

Will you provide guidance on how to use the list? Yes – we will have a 15 minute call to review the list with you and discuss next best steps.


*The list of 50 podcasts has a 21 business day lead time.

Questions about which option is best for you? Book a 15 minute call here:



While I have a PR background and have done many podcast interviews, we needed fresh ideas for shows to pitch and an outside perspective. Researching podcasts is time intensive, and it can be a challenge to know what shows accept guests and which ones don’t. We didn’t want to invest time in figuring it out, so we wanted pro help.

– Maggie Patterson,
BS-Free Business

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