Our Values


We believe in the unique power of podcasts to connect you to the audience that needs to hear your message and provide evergreen visibility.

Female founders, thought leaders and authors hire Your Expert Guest to get booked on top-ranked podcasts. We handle all the details so you can show up prepared for a meaningful conversation that benefits the listeners.



Our vision is to be the most passionately referred podcast guest booking agency for female founders, thought leaders and authors.



Do The Right Thing for our clients, team members, podcast hosts and greater network.

Relationships Are Currency. Our business is built on relationships with our network of podcast hosts, clients, referral partners and the professionals we interact with every day. Our clients benefit from the care and consideration we give to all these relationships.

Be Authentic. We value the uniqueness of each team member, client and podcast host. We are all best served when we show up as our true self.

Bring The Fun. We believe that surprise and delight can bring more joy to everyone we work with.

Make A Difference. We make an impact with our work, strive to be stellar teammates and service providers. We believe in the power or small, consistent actions.

Keep Learning. Since we live and breathe podcasts, learning something new is always happening on our team. We support our team members continuing education by providing a stipend for them to apply for personal and/or professional development.

Giving Back. Every quarter, our team collectively decides on a non-profit to support financially.


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